House Managers are live-in staff who have completed the Roots program themselves.
Experience gives them an insider’s perspective on the challenges
and triumphs our residents can achieve.


Kenny Butler

Housing Director

Kenny Butler has been active in the Milwaukee recovery community since completion of the Roots program in 2015.

“The best part about working with residents in the house is seeing the change in young people that they previously thought was impossible. I can relate to almost every resident in some way and it keeps me grounded and humble. Before I came to Roots I was delusional and grandiose, and now I focus on making my future a reality through action, patience, and helping others. I am happy to have come to the point where I can see that no matter where we are, there is always room for growth.”


Kayla Guarniere

House Manager

“It is truly amazing to see someone come in broken and hopeless and transform into a strong, confident woman. I definitely see parts of myself in the women on each step of their journey in the house. From being desperate and lost coming in, the growing pains of change and taking a look inside ourselves, all the way to the blessing of life and what this program gives us. I especially relate with the women that have children, as I have two and I know how hard it is to be away from our kids and face the reality of how we affected them. I love being able to show newly sober women that this program works and will give us back a life with our children, better than we ever expected.”


Ryan Rasmussen

House Manager

“When I’m working with the residents, I get to watch someone who comes in pretty hopeless and lost grow and become a productive member of society. I enjoy just sitting around talking to people and sharing my experience, in the hopes that it helps them in their recovery.”


Ethan Grube

House Manager

“If I can do it, anyone can do it, if they are ready.  My passion is helping others beat their addiction.  I am committed to helping as many people as possible successfully complete the Roots program. I believe that education and understanding addiction is a key part of recovery.

Many of the residents in my house remind me of myself.  Initially not really knowing what to expect.  Trying to understand all the new rules and expectations being asked of me.  As each day passes learning how to get along with completely new people and learning how to hold each other accountable for each other’s success or failure.  It’s tough at first, but as the friendships build so do the small successes.“


Mitch Garson

House Manager

“Roots changed my life. I found peace of mind and a way to share it. I look to my future, and instead of being scared, I’m excited. I want to help the house residents find the same confidence in themselves, and to learn that they can use their experience to help others.”


Zach Rehbein-Jones

House Manager

“Over the course of the program, I see the guys who buckle down and do the things required of them do a complete 180 and come out as totally different human beings.  It’s cool to watch this growth from start to finish. After completing the Roots program myself I now recognize how blessed I’ve been, and I’m able to show gratitude towards others.”


Steve Falk

House Manager

“My focus is on keeping the drive inside of me to be the best person I can be and helping lift others up along the way. I am encouraged by knowing that the house residents are here trying to change their life for the better and that I will get to see them grow in the time they are here.”

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